08:00 am Depart Depot
08:01 am Left Polo Flat Road
08:02 am Left Yareen Road
08:04 am Left Sharp Street
08:06 am Right Bombala Street
08:07 am Amos Street
08:08 am Soho and Barrack street / Left Creek street
08:09 am Right Sharp Street
08:10 am Right Lambie Street
08:11 am Right Vulcan Street / Mulach Street
08:12 am Turnaround Mulach Street
08:14 am Vulcan Street
08:15 am Left Hill Street
08:16 am Left Sharp Street
08:17 am Right Boundary Street/Commissioner Street
08:18 am Left Vale Street
08:19 am Right Massie Street
08:20 am Left Mittagang Road
08:22 am Snowy Mountains Christian School
08:23 am Cooma North Public School
08:25 am Monaro High School
08:26 am Depart Monaro High School
08:28 am Left Baron Street/Left Egan Street
08:30 am Left Bradley Street/Commisioner Street
08:31 am Left Bombala Street
08:32 am Right Church Road
08:33 am Right Sellar Street / Left Arthur Ave
08:34 am Right Culey Ave
08:35 am McDonald Ave
08:36 am Right Bent Street
08:37 am Left Vale Street
08:38 am Cooma Public School
08:39 am Right Massie Street
08:51 am Barrack Street
08:52 am Left Creek Street
08:53 am Right Sharp Street
08:54 am Right Lambie Street
08:55 am Mulach Street
08:56 am Turnaround Mulach Street
08:57 am Vulcan Street
08:58 am Left Hill Street
09:00 am Left Sharp Street
09:01 am Right Boundary Street
09:02 am Left Murray Street
09:03 am Left Vale Street / Cooma Primary School
09:10 am Arrive Depot