02:55 pm Depart Depot
02:55 pm Right Polo Flat Road
02:55 pm Right Carliminda Road
02:55 pm Right Bombala Street
03:00 pm Centennial Park
03:02 pm Mittagang Road
03:06 pm Yareen Road
03:07 pm Right Woolalla Street
03:08 pm Right Warra Street
03:08 pm Left Yamba Cres
03:09 pm Left Yareen Road
03:10 pm Right Wangie South Street
03:10 pm Left Wooran Street
03:10 pm Right Yareen Road
03:15 pm Snowy Mountains Christian School
03:18 pm Cooma North Public School
03:28 pm Monaro High School
03:33 pm Depart Monaro High School
03:35 pm Alpine Cafe
03:36 pm Left Sharp Street
03:36 pm Right Baron Street
03:37 pm Left Egan Street
03:38 pm Left Bradley Street
03:38 pm Interchange with Blue Triangle except Thursday afternoons
03:39 pm Monaro High School
03:45 pm Alpine Cafe
03:46 pm Bombala Street
03:48 pm Victoria St
03:50 pm Left Bent St
03:50 pm Left Arthur Ave
03:50 pm Right Culey Ave
03:52 pm McDonald Ave
03:55 pm Right Bligh St
03:58 pm Left Blairgowrie Ave
03:58 pm Right Mawson St
03:59 pm Left Cromwell St
03:59 pm Right Soho St
04:00 pm Right West Denison St
04:01 pm Left Lloyd Ave
04:02 pm Left Victoria St
04:03 pm Right Bombala Street
04:07 pm Arrive Depot