S512 MAFFRA TO COOMA Timetable

06:05 am Depart Depot
07:18 am Turnaround Intersection Bungarby and Ironmungy Road
07:20 am Depart Bungarby
07:33 am Left Snowy River Way
07:43 am Right Springfield Road
07:50 am Kenilworth Springfield Road
07:55 am Springfield and Ando Road
07:57 am Maffra Station
08:04 am Bobundara
08:14 am Cottage Creek Road
08:16 am Cherry Tree
08:20 am Hazledean
08:24 am Winderby
08:26 am Woodstock
08:30 am Benefield
08:31 am Church Road and Banksia Ave
08:32 am Church Road and Betts Street
08:36 am St. Patricks Parish School / Cooma Public School
08:41 am Cooma North Public School
08:43 am Monaro High School
09:05 am Arrive Depot