03:00 pm Depart Depot
03:01 pm Yareen Road
03:02 pm Right Monaro Hwy
03:05 pm Left Bolaro
03:06 pm Right Mittagang Road
03:08 pm Snowy Mountains Christian School
03:10 pm Cooma North Public School
03:15 pm Turnaround
03:16 pm Mittagang Road
03:17 pm Right Massie Street
03:18 pm Left Bombala / Right Murray
03:19 pm Right Vale Street
03:20 pm Cooma Public School
03:23 pm Left Commissioner / Left Soho
03:24 pm Right Cromwell / Right Mawson
03:25 pm Left Blairgowrie/Right Bligh
03:26 pm Left McDonald Ave
03:27 pm Left Culey Ave
03:28 pm Left Arthur Ave
03:29 pm Right Bent Street
03:30 pm Right Campbell (Daisy’s Daycare)
03:31 pm Left Bombala Street
03:32 pm Left Victoria St
03:33 pm Right Soho St
03:34 pm Right Murray Street
03:35 pm St. Patricks Parish High School
03:36 pm Cooma Public School
03:37 pm Right Commissioner Street
03:38 pm Interchange Corner (Baron and Commissioner) – Green Diamond Except Thursday’s
03:39 pm Left Hilton / Right Monaro Hwy
03:40 pm Right Yareen Road/ Right Woolalla Street
03:41 pm Right Warra Street / Left Yamba Street
03:42 pm Left Yareen Road / Right Wangie
03:43 pm Left Monaro Ave / Right East Camp Drive
03:45 pm Right Thurrung/Right Wangie South Street/Left Wooran Street
03:46 pm Right Yareen Road/Right Monaro Hwy/Left Yarrrang Street
03:47 pm Right Mittagang Road/Monaro High School
03:48 pm Right Yallakool Road
03:52 pm Arrive Bunyan
03:53 pm Depart Bunyan
03:58 pm Blytons
03:59 pm Luker’s
04:00 pm Bunyanvale Bus Shed
04:01 pm Old Bruce’s
04:15 pm Arrive Depot